Wahyudi J Rahman S.Tr, Keu


  • Degree in Finance and Administration Concentrate on Financial and Banking Services at Ganesha Polytechnic of Bandung

Professional Experience:

  • TBI Bandung - Part Time English Teacher
  • RRI Produa Bandung - English Presenter
  • Afterschool Bandung - English Teacher
  • Indosat - English Tutor
  • Golden English - English Teacher

Certificates :

  • Liaison Officer of the Asian African Conference and Carnaval
  • Microsoft Inovative Educator
  • Mahestro Public Speaking Training
  • ESP (English Service Program) RRI Produa Bandung
  • Bandung Tahfizul Qur'an School
  • Britzone English Community (Committee Member & Speaker)

In my eyes, as an English teacher and trainer with 30 months + 24 weeks + 180 days experience to diverse learners from diverse levels and grades, we teachers need to be creative adn patient, as i believe those two elements are essential to make a teacher succesfull. We, teachers have different personalities with our own unique characteristics (needs, interests, aspirations, learning/teaching style, etc), Which is why we always have to facilitate the teaching-learning process and give everyone the opportunity of learning. ~ Adversity makes you grow, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ~ 

PROFICIENT according to CEFR and Band 8 for IELTS

EFSET Score : 75/100

Teaching experience : 4 years